Wheelchair Threshold  Ramps
For Door-way Challenges

Wheelchair Threshold ramps can facilitate mobility and help you get over threshold challenges often found in homes and other structures due to varied floor levels.  They are designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings.  They are especially useful for people who use mobility equipment such as scooters, wheelchairs or walking aids.

Aluminum Door Ramp

Most houses are not built with special features for the disabled or elderly and often have several ground level differences in various areas. 

A door leading to the outside of a home usually has one floor level on the inside the house and a different elevation right outside the door. These uneven surfaces can also be inside the home from one room to another or to the garage. 

Moving around can be a lot easier and safer by using a gentle incline known as a wheelchair threshold ramp which joins the two levels and fills in the gap.  These small devices also known as door ramps are available in several models to accommodate various needs. 

You will need to select the one that will best fit the intended purpose.   You will also need to have accurate measurements for the space and elevation in order to determine the size you need.

Explore the Wheelchair Threshold Ramp Options

Many of these are rubber threshold ramps and are ideal for low level elevations. They are very strong and are very resistant to wear and tear that may be caused by weather extremities. They are good for indoor or outdoor use and facilitate home mobility.

They are designed to fit across the entire width of a doorway and offer an easier transition for people who use mobility devices.

The models made of rubber have an anti – slip surface that can sustain heavy mobility devices without the fear of damage.  They may be manufactured from recycled rubber such as recycled tires. 

Other types may gradually cause damage to the neighboring surfaces but with the spongy nature of these rubber models they typically do not cause damage.  They are also commonly used for garage threshold.

Mini ramps made of aluminum are very light and make it easy for you to move around. They usually have a non-skid surface or special tread surface that offers superior traction.  These may have an adjustable height feature that allows you to change the height to fit the height of your rise. They are also available in a fixed height.  Either way you will need to measure the rise/ elevation you need to fill.

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Regardless of the model you select, these devices offer convenience, ease of movement and can also improve home safety.

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