Wheelchair Ramps for Home

Using wheelchair ramps for home makes life so much easier for people who use wheelchairs either temporarily or long term. Living with a disability need not prevent one from having freedom to move around the house.

Wheelchair users may rely on their family or friends to help them get through a flight of stairs. Oftentimes, they set aside any plans of going outside and socialize with others, just because moving around requires a lot of energy and effort.

Whether the physical limitations are due to aging or other condition, today’s technology offers various mobility solutions. Certain features in a standard home can prove to be a challenge for those with mobility issues. Navigating steps or elevated areas is certainly one of these concerns.

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Importance of Portable Accessibility Aids

Portable ramps are the solution to conquering steps found in landings, thresholds and low stairways. The home’s main point of entry is quite significant because it ushers people in and out of the house. Such aspect requires entry ways to be a safe area for everyone, including wheelchair users. The danger of tripping always lurks when there’s a raised landing or small slope.

Small platforms can be placed in the threshold to create an inclined barrier-free path for the elderly or handicapped using mobility scooters, walkers or similar device. These tools are lightweight and typically made from durable materials that can withstand heavy weight.

Transportation Problem Solved

Disabled people and seniors who use mobility devices shouldn’t feel restricted inside their homes. Going to the bank, supermarket or beauty salon and other activities can be enjoyed through the help of wheelchair ramps for home.

The users can look forward to smooth access to vehicles that can take them to anywhere they want to go. Portable types of platforms are available in folding or rolling configurations. Whatever you choose must offer good traction for wheelchairs. It is important to assess your need and determine which model will be more suitable for you.

Access Solutions

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has opened up a world of possibilities by imposing handicap ramp requirements to take out the numerous limitations in structures and public spaces that restricted access for people who were confined to mobility aids. There are now standards and specifications to be followed to ensure handicap accessibility.

As for portable access platforms used in private dwellings, the requirements are not as strict as for commercial structures. For a house to be more wheelchair-friendly, however, it is worth taking note of the ADA guidelines when planning and designing access solutions for the home.

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