Wheelchair Ramp-Accessories

Wheelchair ramp-accessories allow wheelchair users to move around more independently as they conduct their daily activities. In addition to the conventional type ramps, there are various folding portable wheelchair ramps for easy transport and convenience. Handicap wheelchair ramps are usually made of aluminum, wood, steel, or concrete. They allow wheelchairs to gain entrance to buildings and other areas.

Different Ramp Specifications

Handicap ramp specifications vary. For example ramps that are designed to service non-occupied wheelchairs have different specification guidelines from ramps that are designated to service wheelchairs that have people sitting in them. Similarly, the ADA (American Disability Act) specifications vary for ramps designed for residential use and those structured for commercial use.

While handicap ramp specifications may vary, they follow some basic prescribed guidelines for safety purposes. It is important to select ramps that are adequate for your particular needs.

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Wheelchair Accessories

Scooter and wheelchair accessories can provide added wheelchair safety, comfort and ease while moving around. They also facilitate independent living. For safety there are devices that can be attached to the bottom rail of side frames in manual wheelchairs that prevent the chair from tipping backwards.

A brake lever extender can make braking easier and more controlled. Safety belts help to prevent one from slipping. A wheelchair sling lift safety helps to transfer from the wheelchair to another surface more safely.

For added wheelchair comfort there are various wheelchair cushion accessories. Some provide basic comfort and others may have special features that provide pelvic stability, pressure management and other features that address specific conditions. How about a soft laptop cushions? This is an upper body positioner that attaches to the chair and provides comfortable support for elbows and a semi-firm surface for eating and activities.

For ease of movement there are transfer boards that can be used effectively for transfers to or from the wheelchair. There is also a pivot transfer system designed to assist people who cannot accomplish this movement. With the help of a pivot device, individuals who have upper body strength can transfer to or from the wheelchair more independently.

Other accessories include backpacks, arm totes, gloves, various seat cushions and others. Wheelchair ramp and accessories are essential for mobility and daily living. Adequate handicap wheelchair ramps are critical for wheelchair safety. It is important to make the right choices for wheelchair ramp- accessories.

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