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Wheelchair mobility can be from a manual wheelchair or a motorized wheelchair. There are affordable medical wheelchairs available in various models to suit different needs. Manual wheelchairs also referred to as self-propelled wheelchairs are known to be more affordable and also available with different options to satisfy many patients' needs.

Some wheelchairs come in different widths to suit particular needs. The chair width can differ to accommodate a range of special needs.  From models designed for shorter persons, to bariatric wheelchairs or large wide models for heavier individuals.  Wheelchair mobility allows many people to have a more productive lifestyle while living with a disability.

The large wide models provide great maneuverability; many wheelchair users add practical accessories such as backpacks or drink holders for added convenience and ease.

Managing the Wheelchair

A Lightweight manual chair or ultra lightweight wheelchairs, regardless of width are occupant or user operated by pushing on the hand rims made of circular tubing attached to the outside of the large wheels.

Skilled users manage this equipment with more ease as they can control speed, turning, and often learn to balance the chair on its rear wheels known as a "wheelie".

A user with the ability to control the chair in this manner can climb and descend curbs and move over small obstacles. There are optional features available with large wide wheelchairs as well as the standard size chairs for the convenience of users.

Types of Wheelchair Mobility

A transport wheelchair is typically used as a temporary option. Chairs more commonly used by people with long-term disabilities include lightweight wheelchair, ultra lightweight wheelchairs that offer more options such as extensive seating options and accessories, additional features, and so forth.

Shower wheelchairs offer mobility to enter and exit a roll in shower area. These often include a commode pail for the convenience of those who need it.

The new rule under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines "Wheelchair" as "a manually-operated or power-driven device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the main purpose of indoor or of both indoor and outdoor locomotion."

Sport - These chairs are designed to provide mobility that allows disabled individuals to participate in various sports.

Outdoor  - Chairs designed for outdoor use to allow wheelchair users to move around in different outdoor settings and terrains.

Standing Models allow users to sit or stand in the wheelchair as they please. The chair can be used as a wheelchair and as a frame as it provides support for the user in a nearly standing position.

The ADA rule includes less traditional mobility devices such as golf cars or Segways®.  These devices are referred to as "other power-driven mobility device" (OPDMD).

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