Wheelchair Backpacks
For Added Convenience

Wheelchair backpacks are one of the most popular scooter and wheelchair accessories. They allow wheelchair users to carry personal or essential items around with them while performing their daily activities and help them stay organized. They are convenient and come in different styles.

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Things to Know About Wheelchair Backpacks

The backpacks are often referred to as wheelchair pouch and are usually made of water resistant, stain resistant material. They offer a variety of storage arrangements in terms of number of compartments and the position of these compartments and pockets. 

A top zipper for easy access to the main section is very common. This allows the individual to conveniently reach for items in the pack without leaving the chair.

Having multiple pockets make it easier to keep track of different items by storing them in separate areas.  Some have a special spot for keys and others even have an outer shell for security. There are also drink holders available separately or just as a pocket in the pouch.

They have adjustable straps that easily attach through the loops of the handlebars or seat backs, making them appropriate for different wheelchair models and sizes.  Some packs come with Velcro pockets or outside mesh pockets for the smaller items. Prices may vary based on the style, size, and the various features.


A chair Tote Bag can also be used to carry personal belongings for people who use wheelchairs. These models have adjustable straps to fit standard chairs and some have longer straps to fit bariatric chairs. They are  usually simple in style, have fewer features, and modestly priced.

The totes typically offer less privacy, as some of them don’t have any closed pockets. Given the convenience and affordability, they remain practical and desirable items particularly for carrying things to the office, a picnic, or for shopping.

There is also an arm tote bag version, this one is much smaller and attaches to the arm of a wheelchair using straps. These are great for personal items or other things you want to keep easily at arms' reach. They are often used for motorized chairs and scooters.

Wheelchair backpacks are a must have especially if you're on the go. You'll want to have those essential things you need with you so you can go about your activities with ease.

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