Wheelchair Accessories
For Convenience & Comfort

Some of the more popular wheelchair accessories are wheelchair backpacks and totes.  Backpacks designed for power chairs may vary in design and size to fit the chair seat shape and are generally different from those made for manual wheelchairs.  Some of the power chair items can also be used for scooters because those are similar in structure.

Arm Totes

One of the popular accessories used for power chairs (also known as motorized wheelchairs) and scooters are arm totes. They attach easily to the arm of the chair using adjustable straps and are within easy reach to the user making it convenient for keeping personal items. 

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Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Wheelchair cushion accessories provide added comfort to wheelchair users and come in a variety of styles and size including non-standard sizes.  Seat cushions are usually placed over wheelchair seats to achieve the desired comfort level.

These are typically available at various price points and may range from very basic to may offering basic comfort while others may offer additional features.  Some of these added features may include superior weight distribution and pressure reduction, optimization of overall positioning and support and others.  There are also cushions designed to address specific conditions.

A wheelchair seat cushion may provide leg positioning, pelvic stability, and pressure management for patients with postural asymmetry.  It may also provide high-end protection for individuals considered prone to developing skin breakdown. While wheelchair seats are often suitable to users sometimes they are necessary to meet specific medical conditions.


Wheelchair gloves are mostly used by manual wheelchair users to protect their hands as they navigate the wheelchair.  During the winter season, wheelchair gloves can offer some warmth and comfort if you're going to be outdoors.

Simple Wheelchair Accessories

Some of the common items include:

  • Oxygen bag- for those who need oxygen throughout the day this is a necessity.

  • A table top that can be used for a computer, for eating or other convenience.

  • Carry-on baskets that fit underneath a manual chair serve as convenient portable storage space
  • Seat belt provide added safety while seated and/or maneuvering 

  • Anti-Tipper- a safety device that prevents a wheelchair from tipping backwards 

    These are just some of the more common items found to be useful to wheelchair users.  They are simple, affordable and provide convenience, comfort and added safety while performing daily activities.

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