Walk-In Bathtub

A walk-in bathtub is a handicap bathroom equipment that allows a person to enter a bathtub by walking in instead of having to take a high step to enter the tub.

Individuals with handicaps and many elderly people can have great difficulty entering a standard tub or may not be able to do so at all. If they can attempt to enter and exit the tub, the risk of an accident becomes a concern. They may have problems with balance while entering or exiting a standard tub.

Many people cannot take the necessary high step to go over the side of conventional bathtubs. If they manage to do it once, repeating the process to exit the tub is problematic. It is often the balancing that is required throughout that can prove most hazardous.

The Solution

The walk-in tub is designed with these special needs in mind. It typically has a side door so that entry is facilitated by taking a regular step or low step to enter and exit the tub. The user closes the door once inside the tub. It is a simple solution to what many view as a complicated problem.

This tub offers ease of use, comfort and usually a more pleasant bathing experience for those who have difficulty using a conventional bathtub.

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