Transport Wheelchair

A transport wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device that accommodates the user while in a sitting position. They are mostly lightweight wheelchairs designed to be propelled by an attendant using the handles; the back wheels are rimless and usually smaller. These lightweight wheelchairs are often used in hospitals to move an individual or a patient from one area to another.

These wheelchairs are usually inexpensive and offer comfort, durability and flexibility as they can easily be tucked away when not in use as a folding wheelchair. Many are made with flame-retardant and bacteria resistant upholstery.

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The seat width in these folding wheelchairs can vary to accommodate different needs. Some models offer features such as padded arm, fold-down back, and swing-away footrest.

For heavier people, a bariatric model is more suitable. These have a heavy duty frame designed to sustain more weight. They are also light in weight and may offer convenient features such as removable arms and others. It is important to evaluate the equipment weight capacity to make sure it is appropriate for the user.


These chairs are often used by individuals for light transport as needed because they are so light, convenient, and easy to use. Moving a person around can be simple and more manageable with this type of chair as they are not as bulky as the standard wheelchair. However, they do no replace standard wheelchairs because they are not designed for regular heavy duty use as the standard wheelchairs.

This type of Wheelchair Mobility is also commonly used in hospitals, as a temporary option, or in areas where a user's standard chair is not available such as shopping malls, churches, airports, and other public places that require economical transport. There are also special airplane transfer chairs available on most airlines, designed to fit narrow airplane aisles and transfer passengers to and from their seats on the plane.

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