Temporary Wheelchair Ramps
For Easy, Portable Access

Temporary wheelchair ramps offer convenience and portable access when you need it. They allow wheelchair users to move around with less worry knowing they may take it with them as needed. These can range from folding models, threshold or of another type and are commonly used for the home.

They’re also referred to as temporary mainly because of their portability feature as oppose to a ramp made from concrete.  Those have to be built and are known as permanent.  When considering using one of the portable models it is important that you properly measure the elevation in order to determine the length that will be suitable for the space.

Use an Incline Chart to Find the Length You Need

Different Types of Temporary Wheelchair Ramps

Temporary mobility ramps are often made out of aluminum and are usually lightweight. They come in different sizes and styles to suit various needs. Some of them can fold for convenience and easy travel and others cannot.  The folding type may be single fold, Tri-fold or other.

The convenience and ease these devices offer cannot be overstated.  Instant access and mobility for those who would not be able to get around freely otherwise is well appreciated.

There are also those that roll. These are also portable but instead of folding, they can be rolled up like a sleeping bag and easily carried or stored when not in use or for traveling.

The aluminum temporary models that have rails are sometimes referred to as modular and usually do not fold.  Those are also suitable for light commercial use.  The threshold type is designed to fill the gap between a doorway and the floor and allows easier doorway transition.

The various types offer quick and reliable access, making mobility more manageable.  Users can feel more confident in engaging in several activities knowing they can move about practically hassle free.

Many of the models can be used for both wheelchairs and scooters. With any ramp, the length must be adequate to provide the proper slope for the elevation difference you are addressing. Proper set up is essential for handicapped wheelchair access.

When it comes to purchasing these devices, it is crucial that you have accurate measurements. Take a look at the incline chart above if you need some assistance; you may find the measuring tips at the bottom of the chart useful.

Once you know the length needed you can select the type that will best suit your needs and preferences.

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