Talking Watches for the Blind

Talking watches for the blind allow blind individuals to know what time it is, and of course, this allows them to better orient themselves in the world around them. This is very important to anyone's well being. That's why talking watches rank high as one of the most important handicap devices.

Have you ever considered how blind individuals tell what time it is? Do you think they always have someone around to tell them the time? Many people never consider issues such as this because they're not a part of everyone's experience. But for some it's a part of daily life.

Talking watches help to give the blind back one of the abilities that is so basic to everyone else. Vibrating watches also work well.

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Talking Watches

These talking watches look just like regular watches. You wouldn't want your watch to stand out as different from every other watch out there. This is why they are designed to look like any other watch you'd buy.

All you have to do is press a button and the time is said aloud by the watch. It can even be said in multiple languages, to accommodate the individual wearing the watch. These watches contain the usual features of being durable and reliably provide the correct time. They can also be programmed with a number of separate alarm sounds.

You can wearing your talking watch everyday, or save it for those special occasions when you really need to know the time.

Also, these watches are not just for the blind. They can be helpful to anyone who has vision difficulties that could make reading the time from a traditional watch difficult.


Talking watches can offer a feeling of security and orientation to anyone who wears them. It would be disorienting to walk around every day not knowing the time.

As humans, we plan our days by the clock. People wake up, go to work, come home, and perform many daily activities according to a set schedule. Without this scheduling our days would turn into a formless mass. With talking watches, anyone can have the ability to answer that simple question. Do you have the time?

Talking watches for the blind help the blind, and those with vision problems, to know what time it is. This simple ability is a necessary one in a world that moves by the ticking of the clock. Now, anyone can have this ability.

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