A Standing Aid
Can Help You Stand Up Easily

Standing aid options are important considerations for seniors and others with limited mobility.  These are devices that assist individuals to maintain their balance as they stand or walk. There are many mobility devices for seniors that are designed to improve security and enhance the daily living experience.

As people age they often become less sure of their footing and often need help standing on their feet.  People with arthritis, recovering from surgery or other conditions may benefit from these devices.

Stand Up with Confidence with a Standing Aid

Seat Assist

Seniors often experience changes associated with aging such as reduced physical strength, stiffness, reduced flexibility, body aches and others. These can result in a feeling of insecurity upon getting up and they may require help to stand up from a chair because this movement that use to be simple has now become difficult.

Those who have difficulty rising from a sitting position will benefit from devices with assistive technology for daily living.   This type of apparatus helps lift and bolster you gently from a sitting position without causing you to lurch or feel pushed.

Weakness in the legs and other conditions can cause you to feel weak when you rise, especially if you’ve been seated for a long time.  An aid to assist you while you stand up can give you support when and where you need it in your everyday movements.

Move Around With More Ease

Couch Cane

Balance issues in older individuals is concerning not only to them but also to their relatives and caregivers. You can improve balance by using a product that gives you support, something to lean on. You can put your weight on the device to help hold you up. 

Using a standing aid can facilitate the movements that follow such as walking or transferring to another surface and  give you the confidence you need to get about more readily whether it’s around the house or around the block.

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What You Really Need

SuperPole with SuperBar

There are different options available depending on your specific needs.  Even those who have not voiced a concern may feel as though they are afraid when it comes to their strength or balance.  A support pole is helpful for people who feel unsure about rising from a seat. 

A cane, or other standing devices offer better footing and enable seniors to participate in activities they otherwise couldn’t.  You will need to determine which type of device is best for your particular situation.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your health care provider to help you figure that out if you need to.

Using these simple products can greatly improve quality of life and increase your ability to get around more safely.

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