Sport Wheelchairs

Sport wheelchairs are designed to provide wheelchair mobility to disabled athletes for sports that require agility and speed such as tennis, racing, basketball or rugby. Each of these sports tends to use specific types of wheelchairs streamlined for that purpose. These chairs typically do not look like regular wheelchairs and are not foldable as to offer more rigidity.

They provide more stability during sharp turns and are usually made of composite lightweight materials. These types of chairs are often a second wheelchair designated for sports and not for general everyday use but some users like the sport options for everyday.

There are wheelchairs that are not designed for sports but offer a sporty look, high performance, rigidity and durability that are made for everyday use. Some offer custom frame options, ergo seat option for improved posture, and pressure distribution.

Some other features may include high performance rear wheels equipped with high-pressure tires, folding or fixed back with adjustable tension upholstery. There are many ways to customize these chairs and numerous options available to suit various needs and preferences.

Basketball Wheelchair

A sports basketball wheelchair is specific to the wheelchair basketball sport. This sport is based on basketball with some adaptations to consider the presence of the wheelchair and the different levels of disabilities players may have. Some of the features specific to a sports basketball wheelchair may include high performance basketball rear wheels with double wall rims and high flange hubs with high- pressure clincher tires, wing or no-wing option for defensive set up, quick release axles.

A sports basketball wheelchair can be customized to suit the needs of the player. This type of sport wheelchairs have become increasingly popular, as more people have taken interest in the wheelchair basketball sport. This sport is now played by thousands of athletes throughout the world.

Tennis Wheelchair

A sports tennis wheelchair is designed for the wheelchair tennis sport. It is a form of tennis adapted for people with disabilities in the lower body. Some of the features that may be found in a sports tennis wheelchair may include a custom built frame that has fixed seat heights, fixed axle position, fixed camber, high performance heat-treated tennis wheels and high pressure clincher.

Sports tennis wheelchairs usually offer several options to suit the users specific needs and preferences. Wheelchair tennis sport is one of the official Paralympic sports and is also played at Grand Slams. Sport tennis wheelchair demand has grown over the years as the sport gained popularity.

Wheelchair Racer

A racer wheelchair is designed for speed on the road or on the track for the sport of wheelchair racing. This equipment is essential for a wheelchair racer competing in track, wheelchair racing, and field events. The sport is open to athletes with any qualifying type of disability and has been a part of the Paralympics since 1960.

Other Sport Wheelchairs

Transformer Wheelchair- A transformer chair can be used for different sports. This is usually an adjustable rigid sports chair with removable offensive wing normally used for contact sports such as basketball so the chair can be used for non contact sports such as tennis.

It may have adjustable back height, footrest height angle, center gravity, front and rear seat heights, and other features. A transformer wheelchair user usually is not set on one specific sport but is active and likes to play.

Handcycle Wheelchair- These are designed for handcycling or handcycle competitions. It is a form of vehicle that is similar to a bicycle but is powered by the arms instead of the legs. Most handcycles are tricycles with one steerable powered front wheel and two coasting back wheels.

Many of these special needs tricycles are used by professionals to compete. These chairs provide a good upper body workout for people with disabilities; they are not modestly priced but continue to grow in popularity.

Quad Rugby- Wheelchair rugby is known in the United States as Quad Rugby; it is a team sport for athletes with a disability and requires a specialized rugby wheelchair designed for that sport. Rugby wheelchairs typically have high-performance wheels, adjustable height fixed back, recessed footrest, among other features.

Sport wheelchairs in general continue to grow in popularity as more people with disabilities gain interest and engage in leisure sports or competitive sports.

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