Special Needs of the Elderly
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The special needs of the elderly require special attention. Some may merely be issues of mobility while others may more directly impact their health and welfare. Everyone's needs change as they age. The special needs of the elderly are many, and vary from person to person. For instance, some elderly people have hearing difficulties and need special consideration because of that. Others have hearing that's as good as anyone else's.


Sock Aid , Stocking Aid

Many elderly individuals have difficulty with regular clothes. There may be difficulty fastening buttons or zippers. Dressing one's self can be an arduous task for those who have limited flexibility and manual dexterity. There are elderly care products that can help to make the process of dressing much simpler.

The use of discreet Velcro simplifies dressing for elderly persons. Shoe laces may be hard to manage but you can convert some lace up shoes to fasteners. They can make it much easier to put shoes on and to take them off. There are also additional tools such as button hooks, sock aids, long shoe horn and others that can help those with limited abilities to dress.

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For the Hard of Hearing

Large Button Amplified Phone

Hearing aids, of course, top the list of tools to help those who are hard of hearing. There are also amplified phones with amplified ringers to help those who are hard of hearing to recognize that the phone is ringing. Some amplified telephones are also outfitted with flashing lights as an additional signal.

Once you answer the phone, you may need more help. This is why the voice on the other end of the line is amplified in these phones. More than that, the tones that are hardest for most people to hear are amplified to make using the phone even easier.


Portable Seat Assist

How about a lift up?

Many seniors have trouble walking on their own or standing on their feet; lifting devices and aids such as canes, walkers, and rollators provide the extra support needed to facilitate walking for the elderly. Scooters and wheelchairs are also available for those who need more assistance or cannot make use of their legs for walking. There are even tote bags that can be attached to these mobility devices for convenience.

The special needs of the elderly cover topics as basic as getting dressed, walking and talking on the phone to more complex issues. Everyone has different needs. It is important to recognize those needs and seek the help that you need or that your loved one needs. Quality of life can often be improved if your special needs are addressed. Today, there are assistive products for elderly people that can help.

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