Shower Wheelchair
for Mobility While Bathing

A shower wheelchair allows the user to go in and out of a wheelchair accessible shower stall. It is considered a very useful piece of handicap bathroom equipment as it can reduce assistance needed from a caregiver while giving the wheelchair user a sense of independence while bathing. These chairs are typically made out of rustproof steel and/or plastic with waterproof seat and backrests or other pertinent characteristics.

They are designed for use in accessible roll-in shower stalls. Meaning they are made to be used in bathrooms designed for handicap accessibility.  Some designs have the shower floor space and the rest of the bathroom floor as one space.  This facilitates entry to the shower area as wheelchair users can wheel right in without having through any humps or barriers.

Shower Wheelchairs to Facilitate Bathing

The bathroom fixtures in accessible roll-in shower stall such as height and grip of the grab bars, shower controls, shower head, storage shelves and others must be conducive to the height of the shower chair and the user’s strength and height so that these essentials can be easily reached.

Some wheelchair users do not feel comfortable on a fixed shower chair or bench and prefer more freedom of movement. These wheelchairs provide this desired mobility while bathing and come in various sizes and models including bariatric with a heavy duty structure that can sustain larger persons.

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Some of the models look much like a regular wheelchair. Many are self propelled and have features similar to a regular wheelchair such as footrest, and removable armrest, and some can be folded. Others function on casters and look a little different from a regular wheelchair and may have features such as tilt, reclining, or headrest. The chairs vary is style from very simple and basic to elaborate to meet individual needs, preferences and budgets.

Usage and Types

Both types of chairs whether self propelled or on casters typically have an opening in their seat similar to a toilet seat, allowing free access to the user’s underside. Many of these chairs fit over most standard toilet bowls for over the toilet use as they can roll right over the toilet. Others come with a removable commode pan for convenience.

Shower chairs are often referred to as commode chairs. While they are all used for the same basic purpose of bathing some models are multipurpose. There are models designed to be used for showers, aquatic therapy, transferring or transport.

Other models may have dual purpose such as shower and transport. Taking a shower may be difficult for people dependant on wheelchairs; a shower wheelchair is a useful tool that can make bathing a little easier and provide more independence.

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