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Senior products assist today's older adults in accomplishing everyday chores with much more ease and comfort. Instead of struggling with household tools, you can now find adaptive products specifically designed with you in mind and meet your requirements. Whether you're shopping for your aging parents or choosing a device for yourself, you'll find products for elderly people that can make nearly every activity easier.

Having trouble getting up from a chair? or out of a car?

Is dressing becoming difficult?

How Senior Products Can Make Life a bit Easier

Stand Up id

Thanks to today’s technology there are devices to address the various challenges older adults face as they age.  Getting out of a car or getting up from a chair or grooming need not be difficult any longer. 

The devices below have become many seniors' favorites.

Stand Up aids- Get the support you need when standing up from a sitting position with a standing aid. There are various models to suit particular situations. From a lift walker to a car handle to help you get out of the car.

Special eating utensils- For people with arthritis or difficulty holding small items, the built up handle utensils can help because they are easier to grasp and hold than the regular ones. There are also non-skid bowls to prevent the plate from sliding and other practical items.

Pendants- In case of an emergency an emergency pendant makes a difference when it comes to reaching for help quickly when you most need it. 

Emergency Phone with Pendant

Dressing kit and hip kit- helps those with limited range of motion or had a hip procedure. The kit has various long handle items to reduce the need for bending and help with dressing.

Grab bar placement- Placing grab bars strategically throughout the home can provide support and stability when and where needed. These come in various styles, from the traditional horizontal bar to support poles that are mounted on the floor.

Seat Assist- A portable seat that can give you a gentle lift to help you get up. A walking frame similar to a walker can give you some support once you get up.

Seat Assist

Adult bed rails - Bed raillings can help seniors maintain their balance while getting out of bed and also help them turn and move around while in bed. These can also help prevent falling out of bed. There are several models to suit different preferences and needs.

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Do You Need to Make Some Adjustments in Your Home?

Aging healthy involves planning nutritious meals, getting enough exercise, and socializing with others. It may also require making modifications in your home to give you additional support or to prevent accidents. Check these areas of your home to see if you could benefit from additional assistance:


  • Bathrooms. Are your bathrooms fitted with stabilizing equipment for seniors? Is the water temperature in your bathtub or shower easy to control?
  • Bedrooms: Do you feel like you’re losing your balance when getting up from your bed? Is the lighting adequate for reading, dressing, and personal care? Do you feel secure moving around the bedroom at night?
  • Kitchen: Are your plates, cups, and silverware easy to grasp, easy to use and manipulate? Can you operate the range and oven without difficulty?
  • Living Room: Do you feel secure about the height, size, and placement of your furniture? Can you quickly reach the television, phone in case of an emergency, thermostat, or other important devices in the room?

A kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom for seniors should reflect the physical changes that come with age. Once you're aware of the improvements you can make in your environment, you can maximize the comfort and convenience of your home.

Adapting to Health Concerns

If you live with a serious medical condition, tools such as item reachers may extend your range of motion, reinforce your strength, or reduce pain. Statistics from the Gallup Well-Being Index indicate that the rate of chronic disease among older adults is higher than the national average.

  • 22.7% of the elderly in the US have diabetes.
  • Approximately 20% have cancer.
  • Over 12% have had a heart attack.

Arthritis is one of the most common disorders in this segment of the American population. This disabling condition causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness in your joints, affecting everything you do.

The National Academy on an Aging Society estimates that 50% of adults over age 70 who have arthritis need help with activities like dressing, bathing, or eating, compared to 23% of those who don't have the disorder. Built up utensils and other useful implements make it easier to take care of your own needs.

Helping elders maintain optimal health and achieve maximum senior mobility is the purpose of these senior products. If you're a relative or caregiver who's shopping for someone who needs that extra support, a gift for seniors can be a valuable addition to the home.

You can simplify life for yourself or for someone you care about by selecting senior products that make your daily routines more efficient.

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