Senior Mobility:
Devices to Keep You on the Go

Maintaining senior mobility is a top priority as you grow older. The more you move your limbs and joints, the more flexibility you'll retain and the less likely you'll be to suffer a debilitating injury. With walking aids for seniors and other senior products that support a well-rounded lifestyle, you can reach your maximum level of physical function.

For those who need some assistance for walking there are various walkers with seat, rollators with seat and canes with seat available. These mobility aids allow you to take a break from walking and sit on your device or a little while if needed.

Cane with Seat

What You Need to Know About Senior Mobility

Daily fitness activities can have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing, making you feel more vital and youthful. Portable assistive equipment can accommodates medical conditions that might otherwise limit your options and keep you housebound. Getting moderate, regular exercise with your doctor's approval can support your health in these important ways:

  • Regular walks may build your lung capacity, strengthen your heart, and help stabilize your blood pressure.
Peddler with Handle
  • Staying active supports your immune system, helping you fight infection and disease.
  • Walking, bicycling, and swimming can boost your mood and prevent depression.
  • Getting in good condition can improve your sense of balance and give you a greater sense of confidence.
  • Keeping your blood flowing preserves cognitive function and working memory.
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A study at the University of Georgia found that participating in a medically supervised fitness plan increases your likelihood of staying mobile by over 40%. Older adults who followed an aerobic program increased their ability to perform daily functions by 25% and raised their cardiovascular capacity by 19%.

What do statistics like these mean for you? The more you move, breathe, reach, and bend, the greater your chances of avoiding a permanent disability.

You don't need special clothing or an expensive class to stay in shape. Tasks like raking leaves; grocery shopping, playing with children, or sweeping floors can raise your heart rate and improve your flexibility. If you feel limited by weakness or stiffness, look for senior mobility devices that will enable you to be as active as possible within your comfort zone.

Keep Moving to Stay Healthy

Senior mobility scooters allow you to get around quickly as you visit friends, attend social functions, or select nutritious foods at your local supermarket. Getting out to the mall, visiting libraries and museums, or just strolling around the neighborhood keeps you in touch with the world outside your home. Wheelchair for seniors is also available for those who need it.

In addition to promoting physical well being, these interactions can keep you mentally sharp. Research from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that senior citizens who socialize frequently have a slower rate of memory loss than those who don't associate with other people very often.

Simple activities like doing your own shopping or taking a crafting class at your local recreation center can get you engaged with life and help you make new friends. With equipment that supports mobility for the elderly, you can take advantage of all the opportunities that life has to offer.

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