Senior Bathroom Safety
Can Prevent Accidents

Senior Bathroom Safety should be taken seriously as it is a common area of injury in a home.  The risk can be reduced by using adequate support devices such as bathroom safety bars, toilet safety support, bathing equipment for the elderly and other bathroom items and products for elderly people.

How to Improve Senior Bathroom Safety


Bathroom safety for older people becomes increasingly important as many seniors seek to retain their independence as they age. Devices such as bath lift for elderly, non skid mats and bath seats for elderly make bathing easier and safer for seniors. There are also shower chairs available in various models. Sitting down instead of standing may reduce the risk of slipping and falling in the shower.

Maintain Your Balance

For those who are concerned about losing their balance while stepping into a tub, sliding shower chairs or a transfer bench may be useful. These allow you to enter the tub while sitting down instead of entering the tub while standing up.

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One side of the seat is outside the tub and the other side of the seat is inside the tub. You would just sit on the outside and slide over to the other side of the seat inside the tub to enjoy your shower.

Keep It Safe

A shower safety mat and shower safety bar can help reduce the risk of falls in a tub or shower.  A mat typically makes the wet area less slippery and the bar provides support for those who need it while in the shower or tub. 

You'll find many grab bar models to choose from, they vary in length, size design.  Keep in mind not all grab bars are ADA compliant.  Those that are not ADA compliant also provide much needed support.

The Toilet

For the toilet area, there are raised toilet seats that add several inches to a standard toilet height to make it easier for seniors to sit and stand. These come in different models including models with arms to provide support to those who need it.  They are also available as elongated for elongated toilets and standard for non-elongated toilets.

There are also adjustable toilet safety rails and free standing toilet safety frame that provide support to help seniors lower themselves to the toilet and get up from the toilet.  These frames are placed right around the toilet; some models attach toilet.

All of the items above add convenience and can improve safety in the bathroom.

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