Safety Bed Rails:
Explore Your Options

Safety bed rails come in a range of sizes and styles, from telescoping rails that slide into place to poles and bars to facilitate transfers, and stand securely beside your bed. Whether your main concern is accidentally rolling out of bed, transferring to a wheelchair, falling while getting into, or turning yourself on your mattress, these products have been designed to make your daily activities safer and more comfortable.

Types of Safety Bed Rails You'll Want to Consider

Adjustable Rails

Adjustable bed rails have movable parts that can be modified to fit the dimensions of your mattress. Simple

Adjustable Bed Rail

support rails can be added to almost any bed to make transfers easier. Installation is often as easy as positioning a set of crossbars or a stabilizing board underneath the mattress. Some models with telescoping bars can be adjusted to fit queen-size, or king-size beds.  In some cases the length can be adjusted to better suit specific needs.

For disabled people and seniors, the ability to adjust the rail out of the way is an important feature. Some models pivot down and back up to suit specific needs. In most cases you can adjust the device so that you feel confident about your position when you reach for support

To reduce the risk of injuries and accidental entrapment, you can enhance the security of bed side rails with removable safety pads.

Portable Models

Portable Bed Rail

With a set of portable rails, you can feel confident about bed safety when you're traveling or visiting loved ones. These collapsible devices are easy to transport from one location to another in a convenient carrying case. 

Whether you're staying in a hotel or in a friend's home, you won't have to worry about asking for help when you need to reposition yourself at night or get out of bed.

Sturdy but light, bed canes can be installed when and where you need them. At the end of a vacation or family visit, the board can easily be removed. When not in use, a cane can be folded up tucked into a closet or slid under a bed. If you need only a little extra stability, a portable device may be the ideal option for you.

Fixed Bedside Devices

SuperPole With SuperBar

A transfer pole gives you the reinforcement you need to cope with muscle weakness, partial paralysis, or vertigo as you move around your bed. Bedside poles and other fixed safety bed rails can be mounted at your bedside to reduce the risk of falling

A pole device stays firmly in place as you lift yourself from a lying position to a sitting position or from a sitting position to a standing position.

Safety rails don't have to be complicated or expensive to give you a sense of security. Whether you're at home or on the road, you simply need sturdy products that you can rely on to help you avoid falls, injuries, and skin breakdown. Look for devices that accommodate your daily activities while addressing your personal health concerns.

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