Residential Wheelchair Ramp

A residential wheelchair ramp is essential for a handicapped persons to access their residence. There are various wheelchair ramps for homes. They can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable.  Those that are bolted or cemented in place are considered permanent.

Many refer to the non-permanent ones as temporary wheelchair devices or equipment. The semi-permanent ones are set on top of the ground and the portable ones are usually foldable for easy transport.

Use an Incline Chart To Find The Ramp Length You Need

Various Models

A home may have several wheelchair threshold ramps. These are used to fill the elevation difference between a door and the floor. A ramp for disabled people that is adequate and properly set up allows one to move around more freely and independently. The various models are used for different situations.

In addition to handicap ramps for homes, many people also like portable suitcase models. They are convenient and can be folded and carried by the handled like a suitcase. These are considered a form of folding suitcase wheelchair device.

It is important to Choose wheelchair equipment and accessories that will meet your specific needs.

Material Used

They are commonly built of wood, aluminum, steel, and concrete. They each represent a different type of structure. The ones made of wood are not as durable and need more maintenance. The aluminum models are durable and lighter in weight than the steel ones and the one made of concrete is the most permanent structure.

In order for a residential Wheelchair ramp to serve its purpose, it must be set up properly with the adequate slope for the elevation situation you want to address. While Handicap Specifications may vary, they follow basic prescribed safety guidelines. It is important to select the right handicap device to meet your needs.

Other Types

For commercial van they are designed to facilitate wheelchair accessibility to a van. Such van equipment is often lightweight and can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

Ramps for Wheelchairs are essential to mobility and come in various models and sizes to suit particular situations.

Handicap Wheelchair Ramp allow wheelchairs to gain access to areas where elevation levels are inconsistent.

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