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Products for elderly individuals provide help for seniors, assist with daily living activities and help to meet the special needs of the elderly.

As we age, we can lose manual dexterity, ambulatory prowess, and that overall freedom that comes with being able to complete daily tasks. The body may weaken, the senses may become less acute, and simple activities may become difficult or impossible.

Fortunately there are many elderly products for the home, for caregivers and healthcare professionals readily available that can make your life easier.

 Products for Elderly to Help Seniors with Daily Living Activities

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Getting in and out of bed

Safety bed rails, a trapeze, or a Pivot transfer SuperBar near the bed can provide the necessary support to help seniors to get in and out of bed. Some bed rails for elderly can swing out for added convenience.

Other models can be folded out of the way when not needed. There are also padded models and folding ones for easy travel. Hospital bed rails styles are also available.

The SuperBar Pivot Transfer facilitates transfers from bed to a wheelchair, a bedside commode, other surfaces. It also facilitates standing up slowly and taking small steps.

All of these help with fall prevention in the elderly and serve as safety products for elderly people.

Bedside commodes are great products for those who cannot make their way to the bathroom.

If you need your hair washed and have to stay in bed, with a portable hairwash sink/basin you can have your hair washed while in bed.

For those who have difficulty making it to the bathroom there is an inflatable portable bathtub for elderly. It allows you to bathe while in bed.

Standing up from a sitting position

A lift assist cushion can give you a gentle lift to help you get up. It has a lifting mechanism that will lift some of your weight for you. It is portable, easy to take along with you.

A lift chair also has the lifting mechanism and comes in a nice wingchair style.

If you're having a little trouble getting out of the car, consider a swivel seat cushion. It allows you to turn up to 360 degrees and helps you move with ease. It's portable, great for the car or other seat.

There is also a car handle for the car. It's a convenient handle that will give you some support while getting out of the car. It makes it easier.

Elderly Phones- hearing impaired

There are different models of elderly phones. A very popular one is the pendant dialer emergency phone. Among other attractive features it auto-dials up to 30 pre-programmed numbers, works up to 100 feet from phone, remote call answering and disconnect through the pendant.

The various models typically have larger buttons and a sound amplification feature that makes it easier for hard of hearing people to communicate by phone. Other features may vary. Cordless models, photo dial, and cell phones for the elderly are all very practical.

Bathroom products for the elderly

A raised toilet seat can facilitate using the toilet because it add a few inches to the height of the toilet (different heights available). The user would not have to lower him or herself as much to reach the toilet seat. Some models have a rail to provide support during the process.

There is also a toilet seat frame that can be attached to the toilet. The frame stands from the floor and has two arms to provide support.

A power lift seat gives you a gentle push to help you stand up from a toilet sitting position. It also has arms for support.

For bathing, there are several styles of bath seats for elderly people. There are also shower commode chairs for those who need it.

Bathroom safety grab bars can be placed in the bathtub or shower area, near the toilet or anywhere you may need to hold on to something for support. These can help prevent slipping and falling especially in wet areas.

Senior bathroom safety is a growing concern as seniors seek to live independently.

 Enjoy a bath more independently with the bath lift  see video

Difficulty reaching for objects

Item reachers can be used to help reach for objects as small as a dime, to large bulky items. It's like having an extended arm. There are folding models, easy to store and great for traveling.

Elderly walking devices

Elderly walking can be made easier with the help of walkers canes or rollators. Rollators usually come with a basket or pouch and some have a seat and other features.

There are combination models such as a rollator and wheelchair combination. These products for elderly people allow you to perform your activities more independently.

Playing cards with large print

For fun activities for the elderly, there are playing cards with large print for people with low vision and card holders for those who have difficulty holding the cards with their hand. Products for elderly people can be fun.

These are just some of the products for elderly people. Our online store has many more to choose from.


Elderly products seek to provide assistance in daily living and a way to help one's self. Walking can become increasingly difficult with age. Devices such as walkers, walking rollators and canes can make walking possible for many seniors, safer and also help with fall prevention in the elderly.

Mobility equipment

Elderly mobility and Elderly Independence can be facilitated through the use of wheelchairs or an elderly electric scooter. Some individuals may not be able to get around using their legs, but wheelchairs and scooters can still provide great freedom. The ability to get around autonomously using a wheelchair or scooter bestows many of the same freedoms upon the user.

Overall, elderly products provide assistance to facilitate daily functions and improve quality of life. 

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Other Elderly Products

Gifts for elderly. Many of the adaptive products for elderly people also make great gifts for any occasion.

Phones for Elderly- The various models include amplified phone, cell phone for elderly, cordless models, and others.

Elderly care products can also assist those who provide care for senior citizens or family.

Bed rails for elderly people provide support while moving around the bed and are often used to help keep  from falling on the ground from the bed.

Accessories and necessities to facilitate toileting for elderly

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