Photo Dial Makes Calling Simple

To photo dial is when one uses a photograph that is placed on the telephone keypad to make a quick call.  It can be a picture dial phone or a separate device that is connected to the telephone.  Making a call is not supposed to be a long or difficult process.  However it is often taxing for many elderly individuals and they often give up before even attempting making a call or in the middle of the process.  Fortunately, today’s technology offers communication devices that have user friendly features specifically designed for seniors.

Photo Dial Amnplified Phone

Most common, everyday telephones have small numbers and features that are hard for older people to make out due to various conditions such as diminished vision, hand tremors or others.  Overall hand movement may also be slower and harder to control, making it difficult to operate the small buttons on the ordinary keypads.  There are several conditions that can make a simple call an unpleasant experience.

Communication Made Easy

For those with low vision, especially the elderly, using regular high tech devices is not easy.  A photo phone for the elderly has just the right technology and uses the photo dial approach to greatly reduce the trouble that many seniors experience when using a standard device.

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Due to the common issues such as trouble reading numbers, this type of phone for seniors was designed to use pictures instead.  These are more visible and easier to understand especially if they are images of one’s loved ones and friends.

Don’t Let Number Keypads Get in Your Way

A picture dial phone is designed so that the keypad buttons are large enough to be seen by those with bad eyesight.  Photographs are placed on the individual buttons and each of the buttons is then programmed to call whoever is on the photo at the touch of the button.

Picture Phone with Speech Amplification

This approach facilitates telephone communication for the elderly since they can call quickly and usually have less problems using the device.  The calling process is simplified as it just requires the push of a button.  For added convenience you may want to consider a cordless version so you can move around with it. 

There are several models available that offer many other features seniors will appreciate including hearing enhancement, speech and others.  Explore the options to see which one will best suit your needs.

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