Phones for Hearing Loss
Can Make Your Daily Life Easier

Phones for hearing loss are as the name suggests are designed for people who have difficulty in hearing.  The degree of impairment varies from one individual to another and the cause may also differ.  Fortunately today’s technology for the hearing impaired has improved greatly and is effectively applied in communication devices such as special hearing enhancement devices.

According to Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), 30 percent of adults 65-74 years old, and 47 percent of adults  75 years old or older have difficulty hearing.  A smaller percentage consists of people who are born with the condition or have been thus rendered by accident or some other cause.

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What Phones for Hearing Loss Can Do

Amplified Phone-Emergency

Solutions for this problem cannot be sought in a uniform fashion; one has to seek unique solutions for their own conditions depending of the level of impairment.  To address  this condition, the first and most important functionality of assistive technology for the elderly is sound amplification.  

For those who cannot hear clearly, communication gadgets that amplify sound can be life changing.   You will find various phone models with this feature.  It allows both the user and the other party to have normal phone conversations effortlessly.

Cordless Amplified Phone Bundle

The amplification levels required will vary from one individual to the other.  The source of sound and the environment in which  the sound is received will also determine the level to which the sound is to be raised; to facilitate these changes, most  devices are fitted with volume controls. 

Cordless phones for the hard of hearing, specialized cell phones, and speaker  are also available.

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How a Specialized Phone Can Help You

Oftentimes when you’re having a telephone conversation with someone who is hard of hearing you find yourself repeating statements despite your effort to speak as loud as possible. This is because, due to their condition, it is also difficult to pick individual syllables especially in a noisy environment.

Amplified Phone

According to the Mayo clinic factors that may affect hearing abilities include aging, heredity, Occupational noises, certain medications, some illnesses, recreational noises such as motorcycling or listening to loud music and others.   These factors can lead to loss of the hairs and nerve cells in your inner ear.  

Modern specialized devices are designed to improve the quality of sound by filtering background noises and making the conversation vividly clear.  The sound technology used also minimizes distortions, squealing sounds or echoes that can make conversations difficult.

Some specialized phones are fitted with a ringer signal light. This is used either as a substitute to or in addition to the ringing sound which usually can be set to extra loud.  The light is convenient in environments where the loud ringing of the device would be a bother to others. 

If you have trouble recognizing sound or have someone with this condition in your life, consider phones for hearing loss.  They can make a huge difference in someone’s daily life particularly when it comes to communication with the elderly.

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