Phones For Hard of Hearing
Can Open Your World

Phones for hard of hearing let you hear the words that matter most. If you've had trouble following conversations or hearing your telephone ring, a specialized phone for seniors could bring you back in touch. hard of hearing phones can have features like adjustable amplification that makes the sounds and words for the other person louder and clearer, adjustable tone, and visible ring indicators to make communication easier and more effective.

Do you get frustrated or avoid phone conversations?
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How Phones For Hard of Hearing Can Help You

Advances in telecommunication technology have made it possible for seniors to identify incoming calls and adjust the volume on their phones to accommodate their hearing. When a call comes in, a telephone with a visible ringer will display a flashing light to alert you. Some systems feature extra loud ringers.

Once you have the caller on the line, you can adjust the pitch and amplification to accommodate the caller's voice. Many seniors have difficulty hearing their grandchildren's voices because the volume is low and the pitch is high. With phones for hard of hearing, even a small child's voice can come in loud and clear. A few models allow you to adjust the volume of outgoing speech, a helpful feature for individuals with a speech impediment or an unusually soft voice.

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An amplified cordless phone gives you the freedom to move around the house or yard while you're talking. If you're frequently on the go, you can benefit from cell phones for the hearing impaired, which let you hear callers clearly when you're running errands, taking a walk, or visiting friends.

What You Need to Know About Hearing Difficulties and Seniors

Hearing impairment is one of the most common health conditions in senior citizens, yet many seniors don't receive treatment or even have their hearing tested. Over the course of a lifetime, it's likely that one or more of these factors will affect the way you hear:

  • Age-related changes in the inner ear
  • Medical conditions or medications that affect your ear health
  • Workplace exposure to loud noises, such as industrial machinery
  • Exposure to sudden loud sounds, such as gunfire or explosions

Hearing loss in the elderly can compromise your safety and diminish your quality of life. Seniors who have trouble hearing may be easily frustrated in daily interactions, creating the impression that they're cranky or unfriendly. Because they feel distanced from others, they may become socially isolated and depressed.

They may be reluctant to reach out for help when they're ill or lonely because they have trouble communicating with traditional equipment. New customized devices allow seniors and the hearing impaired to have satisfying, productive conversations.

Effect on Your Quality of Life

Phones for hard of hearing can improve your quality of life on several levels. When it comes to preparing for life's unexpected events, access to reliable communication products offers a sense of security. These devices also enable you to stay in contact with friends, neighbors, members of local senior groups and the world. Keep the important people in your life within reach by investing in one of these devices that let you hear every word.

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