Phones for Elderly  
With Features You Want

Phones for elderly make it easier for seniors to stay in touch with loved ones and conduct routine activities.  They have features that meet the needs of the elderly and are usually easy to use.  Seniors no longer need to shy away from telephone conversations. The various models are specifically designed to address the common issues elders face when it comes to communicating by telephone. From difficulty hearing to trouble dialing due to stiffness in the fingers, low vision or other conditions that often exist with aging.

Combo Cordless Phone

Phones for Elderly People Can Meet Your Needs

There are several models for hearing loss. Some people prefer the cordless ones because of their portability and others prefer a corded model. The amplification feature makes incoming sound louder.

This helps people with a hearing impairment to communicate more effectively and have normal phone conversations.

Today’s technology allows elderly people to conduct business as usual with more ease. Making a call can be made simple so you can enjoy telephone conversations hassle free.  It is advisable to assess your needs and condition to determine which model will best suit you particular situation. 

For some individuals the best ones may be those designed for people with poor vision; for others it may be a model for those with a hearing impairment or other condition.

Corded Picture Phone

Use Pictures to Make Calls

There are also models that allow you to use a picture instead of numbers to make calls. Use speed dial and place a picture of family members or friends on the buttons used to call them.

This makes placing a call simple and with minimum effort.  These help people who cannot see well enough to dial numbers or have difficulty with numbers. 

These devices can make a huge difference in someone's life and alleviate the frustration many elders face when try to use a regular telephone.  It also benefits everyone who tries to have a conversation with someone with those conditions.

What About a Cell For Elderly

You can also find a model cell phone. It has many of the features found in an elderly phone such as large buttons for easy dialing, and much more.  It's a convenient device that can give you some peace of mind.

Emergency Pendant Phone

Many of the models are hearing aid compatible, have oversize button keypads or may have an emergency dial button. There are several to choose from such as amplified speakerphone, emergency phone with pendant, models that allow you to dial images and many others.

First determine what the limitations are, and look at the different models to see which one will be more suitable.  Also consider the special phones for disabled which may have additional features that may suit your needs.  Special needs phones are commonly used by seniors and also by disabled individuals.

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