Phone For Visually Impaired
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A phone for visually impaired individuals may provide features such as Braille characters or large button keypads to accommodate your degree of vision loss. Impaired sight can affect any of us at any time, from our youth to our senior years. Thanks to the latest adaptive products, a partial or total loss of eyesight doesn't have to stop you from accessing important services or engage in activities you enjoy.

Impact on Daily Life

Losing the ability to see can have a profound effect on mobility, relationships, and personal care. These statistics from the Lighthouse National Survey on Vision Loss show that loss of eyesight can have an impact on all aspects of your day-to-day life:

  • 24% of survey respondents said that blindness and low vision kept them from completing basic tasks around the home.
  • 18% reported that their transportation options were limited because of this disability.
  • 38% reported that being blind restricted their choice of leisure activities.

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Sight impaired phones provide the features you need to get past these limitations. Specialized keypads are designed to allow the blind to type in numbers or letters with ease. Some phones for the visually impaired use technology that enables the device to process the user's spoken commands.

If you want to contact transportation providers, get in touch with friends, or learn about services in your community, phones for the disabled can help you reach these goals.

How to Select a Phone for Visually Impaired

With so many phones available for individuals with disabilities, finding the right product for your needs can be challenging. Ask yourself these questions as you explore your options:

  • How extensive is my disability? For mild to moderate sight loss, a model with large buttons or visual caller ID may be adequate. For advanced impairment, you may need a product with features like a talking dial pad.
  • Which type of keypad is easiest for me to use? Some people prefer using photographic images to represent the people on their contact list, while others are more confident using buttons with raised characters.
  • Which optional features could make my life easier? Today's telecommunication products come with a host of convenient options for the disabled. Some models include features like adjustable volume, photo dialing, or tone control.

A careful comparison of products will help you choose the model that fits your specific needs. Make a note of the people you contact and the times of the day when you're most likely to make calls. Consider where you prefer to use the telephone when you're at home. Think about any problems you've had with conventional communication systems and how a new phone for visually impaired could affect your life.

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