Outdoor Wheelchair

An outdoor wheelchair is designed to provide wheelchair mobility for people with disabilities while in different outdoor settings. It is often referred to as an all terrain wheelchair as it allows a wheelchair user to move around in different outdoor environments and different terrains. It is ideal for those who like to hunt, camp, hike, fish, garden; it can also serve as a beach wheelchair.

This type of wheelchair for outdoor use usually has larger rear wheels/tires for maximum traction, larger front wheels/tires that allows the user to roll over things and not get stuck. It typically also has a rugged rigid frame, good side-to-side stability and other features.

An all terrain wheelchair offers great versatility while allowing disabled individuals to be more independent and participate in their favorite outdoor activity and maintain a good quality of life. Used as a beach wheelchair, a user can enjoy the sandy beaches and seaside activities.

wheelchairs designed for outdoor use can be found in different styles and can be customized to suit particular needs and preferences. The ability to handle different terrains and also serve as a beach wheelchair appeals to many people with disabilities.

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