Motorized Wheelchair

A Motorized wheelchair is generally the type of wheelchair mobility prescribed for people who have difficulty using a manual chair due to arm, hand, shoulder or more general disabling conditions. Common styles of such wheelchairs are rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and center-wheel drive.

Each style of medical wheelchair has particular handling characteristics and also varies by type of seat. Some models look much like a manual model with a sling-style seat and frame, others have seating like that of an automobile.

These wheelchairs are sometimes referred to as powered wheelchair and cover a wide range; from pediatric models to portable electric power chairs that can be disassembled, to heavy-duty electric power chair and rehab chairs. They may be designed specifically for indoor use, outdoor use, or both.

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Using a Powered Wheelchair

The user of an electric power chair typically controls speed and direction by operating a joystick on a controller. Other input devices can be used if the user lacks coordination or the use of the hands or fingers.


Common features include functions such as leg elevation, seat elevation, tilt - a feature that tilts the entire seat assembly and footrests upwards to an angle, recline - a feature that tilts the seat back and raises the leg rests up horizontally, and other features useful or necessary to health and functionality.

A folding model typically offers many appealing features such as adjustable height, flip back arms, detachable arms an others. Its lightweight frame makes portability and transportation easy and convenient.

Benefits commonly found in a motorized wheel chair includes more maneuverability in small or tight spots, and spring suspension that offers a smooth ride on uneven outdoor surfaces.

It is advisable to consult with your health care provider before purchasing disability mobility equipment.

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