Modular Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Many modular aluminum wheelchair ramps can be used for residential and light commercial purposes. They are very practical for users because they don’t require days to build, as would a ramp made from concrete. They are sometimes referred to as modular temporary wheelchair ramps because they can be removed and set up somewhere else if the wheelchair user is changing location.

Many people use these as a residential wheelchair ramp because they offer some of the conveniences of a permanent ramp since it is fixed in one place for as long as needed.

Some Advantages

A wheelchair modular ramp is typically low maintenance, durable, and includes handrails. They’re also lightweight, easy to install, do not require several days to build, and come in pre-assembled parts. They are not subject to decay as in a ramp made of wood. Modular temporary wheelchair ramps or modular aluminum ramps can be expanded, reconfigured or moved as necessary.

These and other factors make modular aluminum ramps appealing for home use to many people. One of the most important things about a ramp is that the slope must be adequate for the elevation level that it is being used for. Proper ramp set up facilitates safe wheelchair access for disabled individuals and allows them to move around with ease.

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