A Medline Rollator
May Be What You Need

A Medline rollator is available in different colors and styles. The various models include the Medline freedom rollator, rollator and transport wheelchair, Medline ultra light rollator, a folding style and others. These models come in blue and burgundy colors, they're excellent mobility devices.

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Rollator Models:

Medline Folding Rollator Walker

The Medline Folding Rollator Walker has a fully padded seat with pouch and padded backrest for total comfort while sitting. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum. Large 8" wheels give you confidence on all terrains. The Wheel brakes lock for safety by either pushing down or pulling up for safety while sitting or standing. It comes in a blue color… click for more details

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Medline Freedom Rollator

The Medline Freedom Rollator has many unique features. It's an adjustable seat height rollator made to accommodate people 4'10" to 6'2". It can be used as a standard and a junior rollator. This Medline ultra light rollator is 6 lbs. lighter than traditional rollators. It has a high-end bag under the seat with water resistant pouch and shoulder strap. It comes in a burgundy color… click for more details

Rollator and Transport Wheelchair

The Rollator and Wheelchair Combination is also called the Excel Translator. In just seconds, it easily converts from a rollator to a wheelchair and vice-versa. The rollator transport wheelchair combination allows rollator users to sit down and ride in a wheelchair when they get tired. And, wheelchair users can stand up and walk when they want to get some exercise.

Best of all, you can have just one piece of equipment, instead of two! This rollaltor and wheelchair combination is no heavier than the average rollator or transport chair. It comes with... click for more details

Deluxe Rollator

This Medline Deluxe Rollator is available in blue and burgundy colors. It can be used as a rolling "walker", has a padded seat, curved backrest, and loop brakes for quick and easy stopping. It folds for easy convenient storage and is easy to maneuver. The hand grips adjust to your height. Pull on grips to stop, and push to lock brakes... click for more details

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