Living With a Disability
Can Be a Little Easier

Living with a disability is no doubt a challenge. There are several types of handicapped equipment and devices that can provide much needed assistance to people with disabilities. some people can do most things while others require a great deal of assistance with their daily living routine. Each situation is unique.

Living with a disability means learning what you can do and what you can't do. You may be able to find special tools to help you perform certain functions, there is also the possibility that you may have to accept some limitations.

Mobility Assistance

Many people with disabilities find much needed mobility assistance with mobility equipment such as motorized scooters, power wheelchairs, or manual wheelchairs. These offer come with different features, style and colors.

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A medical provider would determine which mobility equipment would be suitable for one's special needs and whether special features are necessary. There are also bathroom mobility aids available to assist with bathing and moving around in the bathroom with more ease.

Your Daily Routine

Today there are many daily living aids to help those with disabilities perform their daily routine. There are various special eating utensils for those who cannot use regular utensils, dressing aids, pivot disk that assists the user in turning the upper body to facilitate transfers to or from a wheelchair.

For easier and more comfortable bathing, there is a reclining bath tub lift that allows the user to enter a tub in a sitting position and once on the chair inside the tub, the chair can be lowered to the bottom of the tub with a hand held remote. The remote can also be used to recline the chair if desired. After bathing, simply use the remote to raise the chair back to the tub level to exit the tub.

There are several other equipment and devices for disabled that provide much needed assistance to people with physical challenges.

Living with a disability may require a change in lifestyle and may necessitate use of Independent Living Aids for the disabled and or the assistance of a caregiver. It is advisable if at all possible to learn as much as you can about your disability and how others cope. This often helps one to develop his or her own way of coping.

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