A Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
for More Ease & Comfort

A Lightweight Manual Wheelchair makes moving around easier. The various models range from basic to those with added features.  They are typically easy to navigate and make travel easier because they are lighter in weight.   Whether they are basic or have other features they still fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Selecting a Lightweight Manual Wheelchair 

When it comes to selecting a wheelchair model it is important that you consult with your healthcare provider to make sure you select one that will meet your specific needs.  There are several types and models to choose from, all of the models may not be suitable for everyone.

Types of Wheelchairs

The chairs range from ultra light manual wheelchairs to heavy duty. An ultra light model can weigh less than 27 lbs and offer features such as adjustable seat depth, folding back, movable arm rest, swing-away footrests swing in and out, height adjustable in 5 positions and more.

The various chairs may have different features such as elevated leg rest that swing in and out, padded arms, flip back, and other conveniences.  

There are also reclining manual wheelchair models that include some of the features described above.  

Folding models are favored by many people because of their portability feature, they make traveling easier and are easy to store when not in use.  For complete portable access there are also portable ramps (also known as temporary ramps) that easily fold and can be carried as a suitcase.

Heavy duty models (also known as bariatric) are designed for larger heavier individuals and can vary in weight capacity.  Some are built to sustain weight of up to 450 lbs, others can sustain up to 700 lbs and some even higher.   They also offer user friendly features; they do not all have the same strength or the same features.

Transport Chairs are typically for temporary use and are not self propelled.  They require someone else to operate it to transfer the patient from point A to point B.   

There are many other types such as rehabilitation, custom built and others to suit particular situations.


Lightweight manual wheelchair cost varies depending on the brand and features offered.  They are typically less in price than electric or power chairs and are often referred to as the more "affordable" wheelchair mobility device.  Take a look at our selection for more detail on the various models. 

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