Best Lift Chairs and Lift Up Chairs
for Ease and Convenience

Lift up chairs are often used as lift chairs for senior citizens active adults or those who need help getting up from a sitting position.  As we age this movement often becomes more difficult and sometimes assistance is necessary to get us up on our feet.

There are different devices that help with this process including lift chairs and portable seats.  The Risedale model in particular can be described as a chair with lift because it actually gives you a lift to help you stand up

It is available in several colors and has a discreet seat-lift mechanism and looks like an attractive wing chair unlike most of the other models on the market.  Matching ottoman is also available for added comfort and can also be used for storage for convenience.

Stand Up with Ease with Lift up Chairs

Relax in this comfortable chair and get a gentle boost to stand up with minimum effort when you need to.  It's easy to use and convenient. 

You can feel safe and secure while using this lift chair because the seat is designed to move up and down while you stay safely seated on a level surface during all stages of the lift. It doesn’t have that dumping effect of other lift chairs. It can fit nicely with your other furniture or be used as an accent chair.

The Risedale model is one of the best lift chairs available and it looks nothing like a medical lift chair. Only the seat cushion lifts, not the whole chair. The power lever is removable and when it’s off, you wouldn’t know it was a lift chair.

The size fits nicely even in cozy spaces. It is light enough so it can be moved easily. It's offers great versatility without compromising convenience. No need to struggle on your own to get up from a comfortable chair or rely on others to help you up.

You can relax with no worries of how you're going to manage to get up. Some refer to it as a classic medium lift chair that offers style, elegance and the functionality needed.

This lift assist chair is upholstered in a classic fabric and comes in four attractive colors: Sand, Cabernet, Midnight and Spruce. It is made of 100% Polyester, and shrink and run resistant fabric.  It's an excellent choice with or without the ottoman.

How about a portable lift version?
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