Large Button Phones
Can Make Calling Easy & Simple

Large button phones may seem awkward to the young but they are a blessing the elderly people.  These are known to be easy to use phones for seniors. Those of advanced years are not very enthusiastic about the aesthetic but value the convenience and ease of use of an item. 

Simple phones for seniors are preferred and complicated gadgets are shunned no matter how much they can offer. As one ages the body gradually weakens and strenuous activities are usually avoided

Large Button Speaker Phone Talking Caller ID

A major area that is affected by aging is eyesight. The eyes will become weaker as one grows older; this is made evident by the increasing number of people who start wearing spectacles as they grow older.

The relentless weakening of the eyes makes reading small numbers and lettering difficult and bigger fonts are preferred. This is the reason why a phone with big buttons is commonly preferred to the contemporary gadgets.

Calling Made Easy with Large Button Phones

The elderly and those with weak eyesight find it easier to read large numbers and generally struggle to make out small numbers. Senior friendly phones are made with huge numbers that can be easily seen even from a distance.

Some of these devices have a Braille keypad to give the visually impaired more options for decoding the numbers.  The buttons can also be programmed for added convenience.

There are different types of large button phones; some have big numbers on the keypad and come in corded or cordless models and others offer spacing to place images on the large keypad button for convenient speed-dialling.

Large Button Corded Picture Phone

Different Options

There are several options to select from.  Some of these models offer a speaker feature and allow the user to use the phone hands- free, meaning after the number is dialled just press the speaker button and start talking without having to keep holding the handset. 

Some of the cordless models allow for extra handsets so they can be placed in different areas of the home for added convenience.  No need to run to the main phone to answer a call or make a call.

Cordless Amplified Bundle Phone

Large button phones may have additional features such as incoming sound amplification or outgoing speech amplification for those who cannot speak loud enough to have a conversation using a regular phone.  These features will make incoming and outgoing sound clearer for effective communication. 

Another option is to have large images on the keypad buttons.  An image is easier to see and will hardly confuse the elderly even those with poor vision.

A special needs phone is typically designed with the needs of disabled individuals and the elderly in mind. For example, bad eyesight is not a reason for any aging adult to go without a communication device.

Although some seniors may be reluctant to use these technologies, they should be advised on the numerous advantages that these simple gadgets provide.  One should compare the long term benefits and convenience they offer.

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