Hearing Enhancement Devices
Can Change Lives

Hearing enhancement devices include various assistive devices for hearing impaired individuals. Hearing devices for TV, telephone, door bell are among the more common. They are also used as hearing devices for seniors.

Personal Listening Device

For personal listening the various hearing assisted devices allow you to easily hear conversations around you, on the cellphone, listen to music watch movies on the plane and more. Other people around you may have different hearing levels but your device will suit your own needs. These devices facilitate interaction with other people while allowing you to communicate more freely and comfortably.

Amplified Telephones

There are various amplified telephone models including cordless, pendant dialer for emergency dialing, picture phone that uses a picture of your choice instead of dialing a number, cell phone and others. These make the incoming sound louder and have other attractive features. No need to shy away from phone conversations, these various phone models allow you to participate in phone conversations with more ease.

Vibrating Clock

Vibrating Clock

A shake awake clock, meaning this clock will vibrate instead of ringing. It has a strong bed shaker, visual alarm flasher, snooze button and more. It also has a security timer that allows you to pre-set the connected lamp to turn on at random times while you're away. This clock can help you stay on track with your activities, whether it's waking up at a specific time or keeping an appointment.

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Door Bell Device

The Hearing Impaired Door Bell Device is a wireless doorbell signaler that works with or without an existing doorbell system and also with most intercom systems on the market. It conveniently works with standard modular phone jacks and comes with transmitter and receiver. With this device, you won't have to miss a visitor again.

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