Handicap Wheelchair Ramp:
Your Access Solution

A handicap wheelchair ramp has an important job, so it has to be right. This means it has to be able to do the job it sets out to do effectively. There are many places ramps are used, and more than one material they can be made from. These handicap devices can make the difference between a person in a wheelchair being able to access a building and not being able to enter.

They range from portable to fixed or permanent, with the fixed version made of cement.  Many of the portable ones are made of aluminum or other material so that they are light enough to carry around as needed.

Handicap Wheelchair Ramp for Smoother Mobility

A ramp allows people in wheelchairs to be able to get in and out of their own homes. Wheelchair ramps for the home are probably the most common because they are necessary and will be used on a regular basis and more than likely by the same people. The one place you should definitely have this in place is in your own home to allow you to get in and out.

Once you're in the home you may need the mini models for threshold challenges maybe to get to the different areas in the home that may have a different floor elevation or perhaps to get to the patio or other area.

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They can also be used to help you get empty wheelchairs and scooters into the back of your car when traveling. You would not want to have to lift either heavy piece of equipment, and you certainly would not want to do so on an ongoing basis. Ramps also benefit people with walkers and other walking devices.

Wood or Aluminum Ramps?

Aluminum is the favored material for building ramps. Wood has several drawbacks when used to build this piece of equipment. It weighs a lot, can release splinters, and requires more upkeep than aluminum. Aluminum does not have to be painted or stained on a regular basis, making it the more popular choice.

Wooden models also tend to lose stability over time. Screws will have to be tightened or nails will have to be replaced. The ramp height or slope cannot be adjusted once the it has been built or at least not easily. Aluminum ramps do not have these various problems.

These models can be used in several settings and can make the world accessible to you or someone you know who uses a wheelchair.

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