Handicap Toilet Seats

Handicap toilet seats, sometimes referred to as handicap toilets allow individuals with handicaps to handle their bathroom needs more independently.

Handicap bathroom equipment and devices for handicapped such as these specialized seats provide people with disabilities and the elderly the assistance needed for easier use of the bathroom and help meet other special needs of daily living.

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Seat Type and Features

Some seats are outfitted with rails. The handrails serve a very basic and important purpose. They provide support and some stability to the user as the person lowers himself or herself down to the toilet and then back up again with the strength of their arms. The rails help the user maintain their balance throughout the process.

A toilet seat frame can also be used. The frame has two arms to provide support. It stands from the floor and is attached to the lower back area of the toilet. The height and width can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

The raised toilet seats come in different models and are available in different heights. These add height to the standard toilet seats, bringing the seat closer to the user. Some have a locking feature to help keep it in place.

A power assist model is also available. It comes with a pail and can be used as a stand alone commode or can be placed over a standard toilet. It gives the user a gently lift to get up from the seat, making that process much easier. It is also commonly used an elderly care product.

A standard seat model may not be suitable for an overweight or obese person. In such case a bariatric toilet seat would be more suitable to support the extra weight. It is important to select a model that will suit the user’s particular needs.

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Handicap toilets and the versatility of the seat features make them the ideal tool for anyone who needs extra help getting down to and getting up from the bathroom facilities. The seats come in a variety of styles and at a whole range of prices. The right handicap seat can mean more independence in handling bathroom needs.

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