A Handicap Shower Seat
Can Make Bathing Easier

A handicap shower seat can be found in various styles, sizes and models to suit different needs and preferences.  It is an important piece of handicap bathroom equipment as it helps to facilitate bathing and contributes to bathroom safety.  It provides convenient and comfortable seating for people with difficulty standing for any length of time and for those who cannot stand at all.

Shower seats for handicapped person are sometimes referred to as disability shower seats.  However, they are not only used by disabled people.  The simpler models are frequently used by seniors and even recommended for elders and others for safety reasons to help prevent accidents in the bathroom's wet area.

They can be found with various features such as foldable seat, removable arms and back rest, a chair with no back-rest, with back, adjustable legs, or other attributes.  Some shower chairs have an aluminum frame and plastic seat.  The material used is usually durable and corrosion proof or rust resistant.

Different Handicap Shower Seat Models

Another type of seat used for handicap is the sliding bath shower seat. These usually have a wide aluminum frame to allow the seat to slide from side to side for easy transfer to and from the shower or tub. They come with a safety belt to help provide stability for the user while bathing and during the transfer process.

These are often used by caregivers and makes their task of providing care for someone easier when it comes to bathing.

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A bath bench also referred to as a transfer bench has many of the same features as a shower seat or chair but the bench is wider.  It is similar in width as the sliding bath seat but does not have the sliding feature. The user can move himself or herself from side of the bench to the other to enter or exit the shower or tub.

There is also a shower wheelchair that is self-propelled like a regular wheelchair. It usually has a cut out for added convenience. These also have various features and are used in wheelchair accessible shower stalls so the user can wheel into the shower while sitting in the chair. A rolling shower chair is on casters and is also for handicapped accessible showers.

A handicap shower seat is useful, practical, and convenient. It offers comfort to the user and usually makes the bathing experience easier. It is important to assess your needs and abilities in order to choose the type of handicapped shower chair that best suits your situation and preferences.

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