Handicap Phone
For Your Challenges

A handicap phone can help those who are hard of hearing to stay in touch with their loved ones and with the world. Being able to use the phone is ultra important in this society. There are several to choose from.

Without the ability to use the phone, individuals who are hard of hearing can become isolated. How else do you talk to loved ones who live far away? How do you make plans with friends? How do you work around not being able to have phone conversations?

The good news is that these specialized phones can answer these questions or render them irrelevant. Handicap devices such as phones allow for clear contact.

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A Handicap Phone Can Meet Your Challenges


First off, those who are hard of hearing need to be able to hear that the phone is ringing if they are going to answer it. This can be solved by amplified ringers. The increased volume of these ringers makes it easier for those who are hard of hearing to realize that someone is calling.

Another feature that is available is flashing lights. These lights serve as a visual clue to confirm that the phone is indeed ringing. Even if the amplified ringer is not enough of a signal then these flashing lights can serve the same purpose.

Having Trouble Hearing On The Phone?

Even once a hard of hearing person knows that the phone is ringing and answers it then it can be difficult to hear the voice on the other end. This, too, can be amplified to make it easier to hear, but the improvements do not stop there.

These specialized phones can amplify specific tones, as well. There are some tones that prove especially difficult for those who are hard of hearing to hear. These phones can amplify these tones to make it that much easier to carry on a conversation.

You may think that amplification of sound would have its drawbacks. If the voice on the other end is amplified, aren't all the background noises amplified too? What is there is a sudden loud noise on the other end? Will it be painfully loud when heard through the receiver?

The truth is that background noise is decreased and sudden loud sounds are quieted before they make it to the receiver. These phones cover all the angles.

A handicap phone allows someone who is hard of hearing to stay in touch with the world.

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