Handicap Handrails

Handicap handrails are one of the most common handicap devices that help individuals with physical disabilities and the elderly to maintain their balance. They can be used in a variety of situations.

When movements are uncertain there is a chance of accident or injury. This is especially common in bathrooms, and more specifically in a shower or tub. Handrails provide the needed support and a sense of safety.

Bathtub Handrails

Dependa Bar

Handicap bathroom equipment includes the commonly known use of handrails in the shower and around the bathtub. The curvy area inside the tub at the bottom poses an additional challenge for some specially when wet.  They can give you the confidence to move around even in these delicate conditions.

Some rails can flip up against the wall when not in use so they don't get in the way or impinge on your usable space. Rails are often placed in other areas of the bathroom along the wall. It is advisable to assess your space and determine which model would be best for each of the areas where you need support.

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Portable Handrails

Portable Grab Bar

These smaller handrails or bars perform the same duties as the regular ones, but they can be attached to a surface. They are intended to attach when you need them, and then remove easily when you don't. Then you're free to attach them to a new surface the next time you need a little extra support. However, be sure to read the instructions for the rails you purchase and follow those instructions.

The handrails give a sense of security, confidence and added safety. These portable models are great for traveling and help seniors and individuals with handicaps navigate with more ease. They are ideal if you're on the go. They come in different models, styles and sizes to suit different needs and situations.

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