Handicap Bathroom Fixtures
for Your Specific Needs

Handicap bathroom fixtures are essential to handicap bathrooms. Some fixtures come in various styles and finishes to suit personal preferences. They are usually placed in accordance to the user’s height or other specifics for quick access and ease of use.

In order for the user to benefit from effective use of these fixtures, they have to be installed properly and configured with the user’s needs in mind. It is highly recommended to have this task performed by a professional, meaning a licensed contractor.  The fixtures facilitate easier and more effective use of the bathroom.  In many cases they allow a person to make use of it more comfortably and independently.

Handicap bathroom equipment typically includes various items ranging from safety grab bars, handicap shower enclosures, and others.

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Did You Know this About Handicap Bathroom Fixtures?

Transfer Device

A transfer system such as a pole with a pivoting bar is an extremely useful fixture in a bathroom for a disabled person.  To get the most benefit, it should be strategically placed.  It is more versatile than a regular grab bar because the bar that is attached to the pole can move to facilitate transfers. 

This does not mean you should not also have other grab bars.  The bathroom needs to be well equipped with support systems where needed.

Showers and Tubs

Handicap shower stalls, sometimes referred to as handicap shower enclosures typically do not have a border so that they are wheelchair accessible.  A wheelchair bound person can typically be wheeled in to such shower area without floor elevation issues.

The bath tub is typically outfitted with handicap bathroom rails to provide support and assistance to the user. It should be noted that not all grab bars on the market are ADA compliant, don't assume they are all the same.  To be ADA compliant they have to meet the specifications set forth in the American Disability Act. The water controls, shower head, soap dish, and storage shelves (if any) are typically placed at a conveniently reachable height for the user.

A walk-in bath tub usually has an entry door often to the side of the tub with a very low instep to allow the user to enter and exit the tub by taking a normal step. An individual does not have to lift their leg up over a high border to enter or exit as for a standard bath tub.

Other Fixtures

The sink and other fixtures would be at the appropriate height for convenient access to a handicapped person. Certain items such as rails and toilet seats are available in different styles or finishes to suit individual preferences.

Handicap bathroom fixtures assist disabled individuals to use the bathroom more effectively, with more ease and provide added safety.

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American Disability Act (ADA) http://www.ada.gov/

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