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Handicap Bathroom Accessories allow the physically challenged to use the bathroom with more ease. The various items may include handicap toilet accessories, attractive support devices, bathroom accessory sets, bath, shower and others. Many of them have dual purpose.

If you are looking for functional rest room products and have the opportunity to invest in these types accessories, why not go for those with dual purpose and specially designed for the disabled?

What are Dual Purpose Handicap Bathroom Accessories?

There are various tools, systems and accessories that have a built in bar for support and serve more than one purpose. Some of these items include towel holder, toilet paper holder, soap dish, corner shelf, and an accent ring around the shower or bathtub controls.

These offer convenience while in the shower or tub and can facilitate bathroom mobility as you can hold on to them help you keep you stable when standing on your feet if and when needed.

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Many handicap bathroom equipment and accessories are also used for elderly people who need assistance or to improve bathroom safety for the elderly. These accessories are not only functional but they are also very attractive and may be available in different finishes such as chrome or brushed nickel. They are also ADA compliant, meaning they meet the requirements of the American Disability Act.

For added convenience, a wall mounted bath bench can be installed. The bench can easily fold up and kept out of the way when not in use. There is a Brazilian Walnut model that is as attractive as it is convenient. This item allows you to remain seated while bathing; in doing so the risk of accidents due to losing your balance while standing is reduced.

These attractive multi-purpose items provide support and functionality while adding elegance to your bathroom. Their versatility and practicality make them very desirable. They are commonly used for handicap bathrooms and also for seniors.  They are ideal for home modifications for the disabled or elderly.

Handicap equipment and accessories are essential in specialized bathrooms. When selecting your pieces, keep in mind that proper installation is a must, for both safety and effectiveness.  If you don't have any experience in installing this type of equipment it is best to have a license contractor install it for you.  Proper installation is key to getting the full benefit of these accessories.

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