Gifts for Seniors:
Keep it Simple but Useful

Choosing gifts for seniors should encompass just the types of items that would actually be of help to that elderly loved one. They most likely already have plenty of knick knacks or other things for their home. What do seniors want? They want things that will make aging at home easier. When you are choosing gifts for older parents it is important to keep in mind that older people face a wide variety of problems that make it hard to perform everyday activities.

Products for seniors can range from practical things in the home to helpful items for transportation. Here are some gifts for seniors that you will definitely want to consider.

Some of the Favorite Gifts for Seniors

  • A Grabber - Reacher grabbers that make it easy to reach things on a shelf or grab things that they drop. These grabbers are like having and extended arm that will allow you to reach those things with more ease.
  • A Weather Alert Radio - People may not be aware of impending weather situations which may put them in danger. An emergency weather alert radio could be a great present. This will keep them updated on dangerous weather situations.
Car Handle

For the Car - A Swivel Seat Cushion and Car Handle – it can be hard for an older person to get out of the car. A handle will provide support as they get out of the car. The swivel seat will make it easier for them to turn and get out of the car with minimum effort.

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What You Need to Consider

According to the National Institute of Health, “The majority (75%) of people aged 55 and over who live in the community, as opposed to living in long-term healthcare institutions, report at least one chronic condition.” Often, those conditions have a drastic impact on the senior’s ability to get around the house.

The National Aging in Place Council whose focus is for the active senior to live their life the way they want states in their mission statement “NAIPC wants to be your primary informational resource so that you remain active and healthy throughout your retirement years.”  This council knows and understands the desire for active seniors to age in place and not have to go to a nursing facility.

These are all good reasons to consider helpful gadgets for senior citizens when buying presents. You can help older adults in your life achieve senior independence by offering them the right presents and products. We’ve listed some great options to make your search easier whether you need a gift for grandfather, a gift for grandmother, a retirement present, or to celebrate the holidays.

It’s important to choose something that they can actually find useful and not something that will just sit on a shelf.

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