Gifts for Hearing Impaired
Can Be Life Changing

Gifts for hearing impaired individuals are more needed than you may realize. Oftentimes people who are hard of hearing don’t think of buying assistive hearing devices for themselves and in some cases they don’t even realize they don’t hear well or take it for granted that wearing a hearing aid is the only solution. That idea is pretty outdated. Today’s technology for the hearing impaired opens the world to people with various levels of hearing loss and also makes it easier for those who need to communicate with a hard of hearing person.

There are numerous hard of hearing products out there. You just need to know what to look for. Gifts for hearing impaired individuals need to be selected carefully. It is rewarding and just feels great to see how an item you give can add some enjoyment to your loved one’s life and daily activities. We listed a few ideas below to make your search a bit easier.

Great Gifts for Hearing Impaired Individuals

Personal Listening Device
  • A Personal Listening Device. This little device magnifies the sound around the person using it. The device is useful in many different situations. It allows those who do not hear well to actually hear what is happening around them, conversations, audio, and more.
  • Phone for hard of the hearing – These come in cordless or corded models and are also available as cell phones. They are specifically designed with technology to make sounds easier to hear clearly and louder for people who would not normally be able to hear when using a regular phone.
Vibrating Clock
  • Alarm Clock – An alarm clock that actually vibrates. Even someone who is almost deaf or actually deaf will be able to feel the vibrations of the clock and wake up on time. Vibrating alarm clocks are excellent presents for someone who cannot hear well.
  • TV Hearing Devices- Work through headphones to magnify the sound of the television for those who cannot hear well. It can be hard to hear the television for some people unless it is turned up so loud that even the neighbors can hear it. With this device, everyone can hear the TV at just the right volume for everyone.

These are all great gifts for hearing impaired individuals that can make daily living a bit easier and more pleasant.

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Shopping for Someone with Hearing Loss

The thing to keep in mind is that those who have a hearing loss disability also want to participate in normal activities, but they may not currently be able to do so comfortably because of their disability. Whether you are buying an item for a special occasion or just to show that you care, you will want to find the right gift for disabled person that can make the recipient’s life so much better.

This May Surprise You

Did you know that, according to the Hearing Health Foundation, one out of every five people have some level of hearing loss? The foundation goes on to say that “This is 48 million people and far exceeds previous hearing care industry estimates of approximately 25 million.”

What many people do not know is that hearing disability can range from deafness to simple ringing in the ears (called tinnitus). You probably have loved ones who most likely have some level of hearing problems; especially since hearing issues are more common in older adults.

If you have someone in your life who cannot hear well, consider items that will allow them to hear more easily when they are in different situations. The above ideas are great options to consider.

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