Gifts For Elderly
That Are Useful and Needed

Selecting gifts for elderly individuals can be difficult simply because their needs and capabilities are often different from that of younger people. The shopping process and experience can be facilitated once there is an understanding of that difference and some sensitivity of any special needs the person you’re shopping for may have.

While there are many products for elderly people, we make it easy for you to make the right choice when searching for a gift for special occasions or no occasion.  We’re going to give you some gift ideas that can provide solutions.

How to Select Gifts for Elderly Persons

Amplified Picture Phone

Some seniors are very active but may have difficulty hearing. In that case amplified phones-hearing impaired may be a perfect gift.  These are sometimes called phones for elderly or special needs phones and have several attractive options. The make the sound louder so it is easier to communicate by phone; the other party’s voice is made very loud so an older adults who don't normally hear well can hear it.

These phones often have larger numbers, making it easier to read the numbers; some have pictures and phone numbers can be programmed accordingly. These make excellent gifts for seniors.

Those who drive sometimes find it hard to get out of the car. A swivel seat cushion can be placed on the driver’s car seat to facilitate the turning movement to exit the car and a car handle properly positioned by the driver side door can provide comfortable added support to make stepping out of the car easier. They are very practical gifts for elderly people and can make the driving experience more comfortable.

How about games for elderly? or fun activities? A lot of seniors enjoy playing cards but may experience discomfort when trying to hold a set of cards with their fingers on one hand. Well, there are playing cardholders where the cards can be placed instead of holding them and there are also playing cards with large print for those who may have low vision.

Lift Chair

There are also card shufflers that are battery operated that will shuffle the cards for you. Recreational activities for the elderly can be made easier and more fun.

For people who have trouble getting up from a chair, a lift chair for the elderly may be the perfect gift. There is one that looks like a regular wing-chair but has the mechanism that will lift you up from the chair to help you stand up.

Portable Seat Lift

There is also a portable lift cushion, or protable lift assist to help an elderly person get up from a chair. Take it with you wherever you go, it can be placed on other seats, chairs or sofa.

Another excellent gift is a portable bathtub. It can be placed right on a bed. It is inflatable allows one to enjoy a bath right in the bedroom.

The key to selecting the right gift is to first determine what can be most useful or enjoyable to the person you are shopping for.  Try to assess their abilities or inabilities to see what product can assist them. 

You would be surprised to see the difference that having a telephone with amplification features makes in a person's life that is hard of hearing. It can actually be life changing; or a car handle to help them get out of the car.

Take a look at our selection and see what would be the best fit for your situation.

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