Gift for Older Parents:
Do You Really Know What They Need?

A gift for older parents should be items that those parents can use on a regular basis. They already have plenty of photo frames, figurines, and decorations. If you’re asking yourself what do seniors need? Here is your answer. Aging parents need useful presents that will actually provide some help for them in their day-to-day lives and recreational activities.

How to Select a Gift for Older Parents

When you are choosing a gift for older parents, you will want to consider the following items. These gadgets for the elderly are both practical and useful. They can provide for a variety of seniors, depending on their particular situation. These are just a few favorites.

Photo Phone-Picture Phone
  • Photo Phones are great for those who cannot see numbers well or just get confused when dialing. These phones allow you to place an actual image of people whose number you stored in the phone memory for quick dialing.

    Instead of dialing a number, simply press the button with the proper picture. Some of these models also have a feature that makes the incoming voice clearer and louder so people who normally have trouble hearing when using regular phones can hear well thanks to this special technology.
  • A Dressing Aid Kit - For people who have trouble getting dressed or leaning down to put on socks and shoes. This kit will make it easier to get dressed without assistance. This is also hip kits, great for people who had hip surgery.

  • Card Shuffler and Large Print Playing Cards. Activities for the elderly often include cards. This is something they will be able to enjoy even with certain hand limitations. No need for manual shuffling. Great for those with arthritis or other hand limitations.

    There is also a holder for the cards so you don’t have to try to hold them yourself. The large print makes it possible for those with bad eyesight to still play.
Large Print Playing Cards with Holder

Selecting gifts for seniors is a bit different from choosing for anyone else. Presents for older parents should be based on things that could help them stay active and enjoy their daily lives.

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What About Seniors with Physical Limitations?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the following is true: “The population of disabled elderly in the United States is growing rapidly. The number of Americans who will suffer functional disability due to arthritis, stroke, diabetes, coronary artery disease, cancer, and cognitive impairment is expected to increase at least 300 percent by 2049.”

This means that your elder parents most likely have some physical disability, and when you are shopping for parents, you will want to keep this in mind.

Shopping for the right presents for your parents should not be hard when you are mindful that the best ones will be those that are useful and improve their lifestyle.

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