A Gift for Grandmother
is Very Special

A gift for grandmother should be thoughtfully selected. Some shoppers already know that their elderly loved ones need practical gifts, not things that are just good for display. However, they may not know what to choose. Granted, It can be difficult normally to select gifts for seniors, but if you’re looking for a special present that is also useful, that really should not be very difficult. We listed a few popular favorites below to help you with your search.

Swivel Tray - Assist-A-Tray

Special Presents for your Grandmother

  • Swivel Tray  your grandmother can sit down or stand up from her favorite recliner or sofa with ease and comfort. The swivel tray has an ergonomically designed handle for safety and improved balance when getting in or out of a sitting position. it also has a handy multi-use swivel laptop/TV tray with cup holder and utensil compartment. The Assist-A-Tray swivels 360 degrees; it's a must have for anyone with impaired balance, back pain or recent surgery or just needs some help to stand up.
Large Button Phone
  • Phone with Large Buttons  for those with low vision, and backlit keypad that can easily be seen. These often also have special technology to assist those with hearing loss.
  • Self Standing Cane  stands upside down on its own, it has an Ergonomic Hand Grip, Reduces impact on wrist; it's easy to manage and has a Sleek Look. This is definitely not an ordinary cane. It makes a great gift.
Built Up Handle- Set of 4
  • Assistive Eating Devices  can be of great help if your grandmother has trouble holding regular utensils due to arthritis or other hand motion limitations. These devices offer larger, built-up handles that will make it easier to hold on to while eating.
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What’s the Occasions?

The fact is you don’t need an occasion to give your grandma a gift.  However, there are many different times when you may want to choose a present for grandmother such as her birthday, the holidays, celebrating the birth of a new baby which makes her a new grandmother perhaps; of course you will also need a gift for the newborn. The key in choosing gifts for any occasion is that it must be functional and easy to use.

Here are Some Facts to Consider

The American Foundation for the Blind says “A rapidly increasing proportion of the aging population experiences eye problems that make simple daily tasks difficult or impossible, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses…The risk of severe eye problems has been found to increase significantly with age, particularly in those over age 65.” Because of this, you may want to consider a gift that will help your grandmother even if she has poor eyesight.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, “Hearing impairment is a serious problem among elderly people in the United States. It is the third most prevalent chronic condition among the non-institutionalized elderly population, exceeded only by arthritis and hypertensive disease.”

This is important to keep in mind.  You may want to consider a gift for grandmother that would help with her hearing impairment. A phone for hearing loss would be a good option.
No matter the occasion, you will want to choose just the right gift; useful items are the best presents for grandmothers.

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