A Folding Reacher:
Simple to Use and Carry

A folding reacher offers convenience and ease for people with limited range of motion. It can be carried around without taking much space. It also makes traveling a little easier knowing that you can still pick up or grab objects from a distance even if you’re in a different environment. Some models extend to thirty inches.

If you have trouble reaching for items on your own this tool can serve you well where ever you are.  You may consider having this device with you to move around, when you go to the store for example.  It is convenient, practical and brings objects you need right to you when you need them and with minimum effort.

Using a Folding Reacher

These devices are usually lightweight and require minimum hand strength to operate. Some operate with a trigger and others do not.  All models are not the same, certain features may vary.

Long handle reachers usually have a magnet on the jaw that can pick up items such as needles and nails. These devices help people with disabilities or range of motion limitations perform some daily living activities more independently and with less effort.

They Make Great Gifts

If you happen to be looking for a gift for an older person consider this device.  It is a handy tool that is well appreciated, simple to use, and is ideal for traveling. 

A reacher can also be found without the folding feature and are just as effective but just cannot be folded. The devices vary in length style and price. The length may vary for example from 22 inches to 32 inches. Some refer to these gadgets as a pick-up and reach tool or reacher grabbers.  It's a good tool to have around.

There are reachers designed for people with severe arthritis, wrist deformities, spinal injuries, or minimally functional trunk musculature.

These do not usually require finger function and often operate from a T-shaped toggle lever at the top, instead of a conventional trigger; some models can be operated with the mouth.

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Most people consider these types of grabbers as very helpful handicap devices and a good daily living aid for seniors.  They act as another arm that can do what you normally can’t on your own. Things are just more accessible to you with this tool.

It's advisable to determine your needs in order to select the model that will be best for your particular situation.

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