Folding Ramps:
A Necessary Mobility Aid

Folding ramps address the needs of people with mobility limitations particularly those using wheelchairs such as a handicapped person or the elderly.  Many older individuals tend to experience decreased ability in movements when they reach the age of 65. The risk of falling is also high because of failing eyesight, poor reflexes and ailments such as heart disease, diabetes or other disorders that can affect ones' balance.

Moving without making too much effort is a major concern for individuals with mobility issues. Fortunately with devices like wheelchairs and scooters, getting around is made safer and hassle-free. Easy to use temporary ramps simply extend the level of comfort for wheelchair users.

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The Real Benefits

There are many benefits in using these models. For one, their portability means you can bring it anywhere you need to use it.  Quick to assemble and can fold up for storage in the car or van. Handicapped individuals can go about their daily activities without having to worry about difficulties in navigation if they have one of these around. Elderly people using scooters or wheelchairs can work their way around by using this access aid.

Are All Folding Ramps the Same?

When deciding which inclined plane one needs, it is important to gain an understanding of the different types available in the market.  For example a Suitcase ramp, can be carried around like luggage because it has a convenient handle in the middle when it folds up. It can serve as a platform to accommodate wheeled equipment and is available in different lengths.

A tri-fold model on the other hand, is typically more appropriate for those who need something longer than six feet to give wheelchairs easy access to raised landings and vehicles. The multi variety is usually available in detachable form, making it also convenient to handle. Its versatility makes it popular among many people who have mobility challenges.

Figuring out the suitable length and size for this type of mobility aid does not have to be difficult. There are incline charts that show which platform length would work within various slopes and rises. You will need to measure the rise for your situation.

Needless to say, the platform must be set up properly before using it so it will not slip off the vehicle’s bumper or a landing. As another safety measure, follow the weight restrictions, which are usually included in the manufacturer’s packaging.

The use of portable mobility platforms not only provides an efficient solution to wheelchair users who have to overcome these hurdles on a daily basis, it also offers a greater sense of independence along the way.

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