Equipment For Disabled People
 For Daily Living

Equipment for disabled people is designed to help those with limited abilities live more comfortable and freer lives. Your abilities may be limited, but your life should not be. Limited mobility can seriously detract from the quality of life.

You may not be able to attend social functions, attend to personal tasks outside the home, or even make your way around inside your own home. This is where products for disabled individuals and independent living aids come in.

Looking for Portable Equipment For Disabled People

Independent living for disabled people can be vastly improved through the use of various mobility aids and other equipment for disabled people.  From lightweight portable scooters and wheelchairs, ramps, bariatric models to transfer devices, systems and others.

Some equipment can be folded or easily taken apart for convenience and easy travel. This makes it easier to go on trips, visit family and friends and socialize.  Portability is important in today's world because it facilitates a more balanced life.

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Bathroom Items

ADA Grab bars are probably the most important device when it comes to outfitting a bathroom for a disabled individual. Proper grab bar installation is crucial because people depend on them for support. Improper installation can lead to serious injuries. It is recommended to have them installed professionally.

The various bathroom grab bars are often referred to as shower grab bars for those that are usually placed inside showers, bathtub grab bars for the ones in the tub area and toilet grab bars for the ones usually place by the toilet. Some models also serve as transfer devices.

Additional bars can be placed in other areas of the bathroom for support where needed. In all cases, proper installation is a must.

Other commonly used equipment include raised toilet seats to facilitate physically challenged individuals to use the toilet more easily. These toilet seats add several inches to the regular seat height, making it easier for a physically challenged individual to reach the toilet seat with less effort. Other assistive products are available to suit different needs.

Equipment for disabled people is designed to make life easier for people living with a disability.  There are also various disability mobility aids to assist you. These aids can help you to get past the obstacles so you can conduct your activities more comfortably.

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