Electric Power Scooters:
What You Need to Know

Electric power scooters are widely used as handicapped scooters and scooters for the elderly.  They provide convenient mobility whether you're at home, in the neighborhood or traveling.  The various three wheeled and four wheel scooters offer attractive features to suit different needs and preferences. 

Some of the models are portable and are specifically designed to facilitate traveling.  They all provide needed mobility for those who cannot move around on their own.

What to Look for in Electric Power Scooters

The electric scooters may differ based on the maximum speed they can run, their weight capacity, or their portability. 

A standard model for example may be able to support someone who weighs up to 250 pounds whereas a bariatric mobility scooter or heavy duty model is designed to support heavier individuals maybe up to 400 or 500 pounds. 

When selecting a scooter the features are not the only things to consider.  You also need to make sure the weight capacity is suitable for your needs.

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3 Wheel Scooter- Phoenix Heavy Duty-Portable
4 Whell Heavy Duty Scooter

Take Your Scooter Apart for Easy Traavel

A lightweight power mobility scooter can be taken apart easily for convenient travel and can be assembled back and ready for use just as easily. This makes it easier to take it with you on trips.

These models are more compact and come in 3 wheels and 4 wheels. However, not all compact scooters can be taken apart. If you are interested in a travel scooter be sure it is a model that can be taken apart.

For most scooters the source of power for the electric motor is the battery or batteries. Most of the models have features in common such as scooter mirrors, scooter basket and can accommodate various scooter accessories. They also come in different colors, mostly blue and red.

Scooter Accessories

The most common accessories are the backpacks and scooter tote. These allow the user to carry a few things along for convenience. Some tote models conveniently attach to the scooter arm and make it easy to keep personal items close. Most of these also work with power chairs.

The various models are used as electric scooters for the disabled and for seniors. When considering electric power scooters it is important to assess the needs in consultation with a medical provider as necessary in order to select the right equipment for your needs.

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